Undescended Testicles (Cryptorchidism in children) 2020

Presented by Hal Scherz, M.D. Pediatric Urologist, Georgia Urology The purpose of this video is to assist you in the identification of a child with suspected, undescended testicles. Dr. Hal Scherz, Pediatric Urologist, provides you with step-by-step instructions on how to optimally examine a child for this condition, as well as recommendations for the next steps in the diagnosis and treatment of this condition. The recommendations in the video do not indicate an exclusive course of treatment.

The intent of the video is to provide recommendations on a consensus of care in the pediatric market and provide a framework for clinical decision-making. The physicians and other healthcare providers affiliated with Kids Health First are independent practitioners and are not employed by Kids Health First.
For information on other Clinical Practice and Referral Guidelines, contact Liz Hogan, Director of Quality at ehogan@khfirst.com at 770.333.0033, ext. 205 or 404-218-6996 for more information. 404.218.6996.

Disclaimer: The child in this video is an actual patient and permission to tape this child during the exam was secured prior to the taping from the child’s parent/guardian. All efforts to conceal this child’s identity have been made in accordance with HIPAA guidelines.
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